For centuries, men have dominated the classical music world with their equally talented female counterparts falling into the shadows of history. 

Now is the time to focus on their presence in history as it is reflected by the progress that is being made through gender equality and a call for change on both local and global levels. Today is the day that we can celebrate women that have made extraordinary contributions to their fields including the plethora of female composers, conductors, and musicians.

Olympic Gold Medalist, Nadia Comaneci proudly supports WWS!

A woman who scored seven perfect scores in the history of gymnastics Ms. Comaneci is a proud supporter of the arts and education, serving as an inspiration to many generations of young women. Here is a sneak peek at her achievements in 1977…


In 1840, she wrote the All Things Considered theme:
Louise Farrenc & How Female Genius Can Flourish

A woman in 19th-century France equaled her male peers in composing music. What can we learn from her career about how to close the gender gap today?


A Tool for Change: The Women Composers Database

WWS proudly supports the new searchable and browsable database of more than 3,000 women composers that conductors, performers, educators, and researchers can use to aid in their pursuit of more diverse performance programming and academic curricula.


Welcoming a Black Female Composer Into the Canon. Finally.

Read this wonderful article from our New York Times friends about this wonderful composer that only recently made her way through.  WWS welcomes Florence Price celebrating her this Fall! 

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Zoe's Dolls

Right before Zoe's 6th birthday, she told her mom that for her birthday she wanted to give little brown dolls to little brown girls who did not have dolls to play and that was all she wanted for her birthday! This was the start of Zoe's Dolls!